Homemade Jam

How to make the best homemade jam in 10 minutes? [100% fruit, no sugar]

Why would you make a homemade jam?

It makes me angry when I pick up a jam in the store and 90% of the time the first ingredient on the list is sugar. Do you know what that means? Ingredients are listed by quantity, from largest to smallest. So this means that the main ingredient is sugar. Store-bought jams also tend to contain a list of unnecessary ingredients, added preservatives, and thickeners. Making jams used to be a healthy way to preserve fruit through winter, but nowadays jam has become just another unhealthy sweet. But making your own jam can take quite a lot of time so people got used to buying it in the store. But what if I told you, you can make your own 100% home-made jam in just 10 minutes?

Homemade Jam
Homemade apricot jam

How is jam made?

The basic concept of making jams consists of cleaning up fruit, dicing it and cooking it until it reduces to a sticky consistency. If the fruit doesn’t contain enough pectin, it is added in a form of powder. If the fruit is not sweet enough on its own, sugar or some kind of sweetener is added. But this process surely does not take only 10 minutes, right?

How to make jam quicker?

In order to speed up the process, we have to speed up the part that takes the longest – waiting for the water to evaporate and the jam to thicken up. So we do a little trick and use dried fruit. That’s right. Dried fruit has already been cleaned up, it contains very little water, is very sweet and firm. So we invert the process. We add 1 part dried fruit to 1 part water (or just so the water covers the fruit) and we cook the dried fruit in boiling water for 10 minutes. Then we just pour it into a blender or stick in an immersion blender and blend it up. Blending also releases pectin so the jam firms up very nicely. Just pour it into a container and wait for it to cool down and firm up. You can also put a few pieces of fruit aside and add them at the end if you would like some texture.

What kind of fruit works best?

I usually make my 100% homemade jam with prunes or dried apricots. I also sometimes make it with frozen berries but add a few dates for sweetness and thickness. I am guessing any stone fruit will work great and even fresh or frozen fruit added in smaller quantities to dried fruit. Dried fruit will take care of the thickness and you can regulate the sweetness with dates. I also like to add a bit of lemon juice for freshness. Just try it a few times and find your favorite combination and please tell me what it is, in the comments below!


Enjoy these easy instructions on how to make homemade jam in just 10 minutes. Feel free to save them or share them with your friends.

How to make homemade jam in just 10 minutes?

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