Is plant-based vegan?

So what is Plant-based Tips & Tricks all about? Today it has become quite trendy to go vegan. Even if initially the vegan movement started out as an animal rights movement, today people are going plant-based for all kinds of reasons. More and more people decide to go plant-based for health and environmental reasons. This is a diet, that has been shown to treat and reverse heart disease and to decrease all-cause mortality. The plant-based diet is the most environmentally friendly diet and the only diet that can sustain our growing population while producing the least green-house gas emissions, taking up the least land and freshwater. The plant-based diet is the future and here you can find everything you need to know, about whole-food plant-based cooking, all the recipes, tips, and tricks, to prepare simple, quick, cheap, delicious and nutritious meals. But is a plant-based diet also vegan?

Veganism is not a diet

Veganism is an ethical movement, where an individual, that refers to themselves as a vegan, sustains from all animal products in the form of food and clothing, doesn’t buy products that have been tested on animals or that required animal abuse of any kind. So veganism, even though it is a noble movement, is not a diet. Any diet, that only specifies what foods to avoid, could potentially be a very dangerous diet. When a diet eliminates whole food groups, it is crucial that you understand why and how to replace them.

Meat and cheese replacements are not food

With the rise of veganism, meat and cheese replacements dairy replacements can be found in almost every store. Many people that decide to go vegan just substitute their meat and cheese with vegan substitutes, maybe throw in some random supplements and that’s it. But that is dangerous. The meat and cheese replacements can be very unhealthy and much less nutritious than what they mimic. Even supplements can be very dangerous, there are many studies that show taking isolated nutrients can have unpredictable outcomes. So it’s crucial that we know our food and decide on what to eat and not just what not to eat.

Plant-based diet

When I refer to the plant-based diet, I am talking about a whole food plant-based diet. That is a diet, which actually focuses on plants in their whole food form, as close to the form in which they have grown. So this blog is all about making foods taste good from scratch, with whole foods, no additives or taste enhancers. As a Plant-based Nutrition graduate, I also decided to remove all processed fats from my kitchen, so I don’t use any oils. I do use nut and seed butter. If a food has been mechanically processed (eg. ground), but none of its components have been removed or added artificially, it is still considered a whole food. Why is that so important? Nut and seed butter, for example, contain the fiber and the nutrients that came with the seed or the nut, whereas the oils are stripped of everything else until there is just 100% fat. It’s a processed food, so we avoid it, like all other processed foods. You can also read about the benefits that no oil cooking brought to me.

Plant-based Tips & Tricks

And finally, we come to the part why this blog exists and why you should read it. As someone, who has had a deeper insight into the plant-based nutrition and is tracking all the recent research and development daily (thanks to Dr. Greger’s podcast and Nutrition Studies Newsletter), I made it my mission to put it into practice and make the best out of it. This mission is to keep you away from processed foods and vegan junk food as much as possible and to make sure you are getting proper nutrition to sustain the vegan lifestyle in the long run. Yes, whole foods can taste amazing all by themselves, even I enjoy boiled potatoes with no seasoning whatsoever now and then (try it, it’s a whole new experience!). As someone who really enjoys their food and gets all the people that are transitioning, I know how to make our taste buds happy. If I state one of my proudest achievements, just to give you an example, I helped my partner transition from a junk food meat eater to a whole food plant-based no oil eater in no time. He helped me remember, what junk and meat-eaters crave and I created those indulging foods 100% from whole plants. And I made it so it takes little time, is incredibly simple, quick, cheap, delicious and nutritious. 

Blogs, tips & tricks and recipes

If there is something I dislike about the food blogs today, is there are many processed ingredients (that’s not cooking!), exotic or pricey ingredients and those looooong lists of things you need and steps to do to get things done. Many of those steps and even ingredients are completely redundant and are making your life harder. Not to mention pages of life stories before the recipe even begins. As an engineer, it’s in my nature to optimize things, so I am here to make your life easy. I divided this blog into three main categories: blogs, tips & tricks, and recipes, so you know exactly what to expect. No love stories in the recipe category.

Comments and discussion

Below every article, there is a comment section. Please don’t be shy, comment if you agree or disagree with what I wrote if you tried out a recipe, a tip or a trick. You can also comment just to say hi and tell me which part of the world are you coming from. After all, this blog is for you and I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for sticking until the end of this post, have a lovely day.

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