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    • Hi Mary! You have come to the right place! I will share my tips on how to start, soon! I hope you can already find something useful on this page. I wish you all the best 🙂


    • Hi Judy, I am so sorry, this page is so new that I didn’t have time to set up a confirmation email! Don’t worry, the subscription works without the confirmation email and I will greet you soon with some amazing stuff 🙂 You should however receive an automated confirmation email – please check your spam! Thank you for subscribing!


  1. […] I made it my mission to share my best tips & tricks on plant-based cooking and living. I want to make it as easy for you guys as possible. And I am giving it all out for free. If you would like to support me you can click on an add from time to time. It will cost you absolutely nothing and it will make me a few cents. Some of the tips on this blog will even save you a lot of money. And of course, don’t forget to subscribe! […]

  2. Trying to suslbscibe to your blog and itnis not letting me for some reason. Can you add me to you email list ?

    • Hello Shannon!

      Please tell me, what happens when you enter your email so that I know if I have to fix something?
      After you put in your email address, you should receive an email to complete your subscription.
      Did you check your spam?
      I can add you manually if we don’t manage to solve this together. 🙂

      Kind regards,

  3. Hi,
    I just found your blog and it’s really great, I’m going to try today chickpea tofu and apricot jam, as your tips about frying without oil were great (I tested them). I subscribed and I hope for more interesting content and recipes and greetings from Poland – not so far from Slovenia 😉

    • Hi Wojciech,
      thank you so much! ❤️I am glad you liked my tips on oil-free cooking and I hope you will like chickpea tofu and apricot jam as well!
      Thank you for subscribing and greetings back to you to Poland! I visited Krakow once, it’s a beautiful city! 😉

    • Pozdravljena Slađana,
      knjiga z recepti je v nastajanju, najverjentneje pa bo izdana nekje ob koncu naslednjega leta 🙂
      Spremljajte stran, kjer vas bom obveščala o napredku.
      Hvala za komentar in lep pozdrav,

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